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Welcome to this website for fellowship concerning the local churches of the Lord’s recovery. To learn about the terms local church and recovery or the teaching of the ground of locality, the websites under Witness Lee would furnish complete information.  What I would like to share with fellow members of the Body of Christ is my practical experience and that of others as participants in the churches in the recovery. Many of us came into the churches in the sixties and seventies and are still in the church life today.  From such ones, the many positive and wonderful aspects of the recovery and its history can be established. For virtually all who have participated in the recovery at any time, this line from a song declares our experience:

His glory broke upon us when we saw Him in the church.

The following verse is from another song, speaking of the high purpose we were all riveted to:

“We are for the Lord’s recovery of the local church; we are for the Lord’s recovery of the city and the earth; standing on the ground of oneness, oneness in the Lord, we are building up the temple of our glorious Lord”.

The songs made up by the saints from their own enjoyment were simple, yet profound and very real to them, as in the following one expressing the deep sense of being home in the church.

"Oh home in the church, where we’ve ended our search, with the brothers rejoicing all day; where Christ is our life, and we’re through with all strife, now we’re home. Hallelujah to stay!  Chorus:  Oh, home in the church, yes, it’s here that we’ve ended our search, and through all our days we will shout to His praise, Hallelujah! for Christ and the church."

The purpose of this website is also to establish a record of the history of the local churches, especially in the United States.  Major truths of the Bible have been recovered, as well as vital church practices, such as, calling upon the name of the Lord, pray-reading, testifying in meetings, continuous weekly fellowship, singing and rejoicing together as God’s family.  The vital church practices are what has maintained the local churches for over forty years in this country.  Let us consider the enjoyment of Christ and the reality of His Person as experienced by the saints in the recovery in those early days.  Consider too the different stages in the recovery; and the highly developed stage or level that the recovery is currently practicing in the propagation and spread of New Testament truths on the earth.  Praise the Lord! for the positive experiences and moving of the Lord in the local churches. 

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